Lucy School

9117 Frostown Rd.Middletown, MD 21769
Phone: 301-293-1163Email: leta.brown@lucyschool.comWebsite: Visit Website

The Mission of Lucy School is to provide a student-centered, arts enriched program that will stimulate, nurture, and enhance the intellectual, emotional, physical, social, aesthetic and creative development of children, ages three through eighth grade. By example, we nurture a love and respect for community, family, nature and the environment.

We do this within a small and familiar environment on a 17-acre farm setting that integrates the elements and aesthetics of nature into a rigorous and developmentally appropriate learning process. 

Business Review

“The school promotes a true love and respect for nature by getting the kids outside enjoying it. They are involved in hands-on projects taking care of their little piece of the earth.

We also feel like the depth and breadth of learning across subjects is really beyond what you find at most schools- partly because of the curriculum itself and partly because of the small classes and personalized attention each child receives, so that they are constantly challenged just the right amount. The kids start working on critical thinking skills and considering issues from multiple perspectives right from the start. It’s amazing to me that school can be way more fun than I remember AND at the same time provide a stronger education. Every time I come across an article about skills for the 21st century or modernizing education, I can’t believe we have this rare little school right here that has already been thinking this way for years- and implementing it so well.”

Amanda - Mom of 2 Lucy School Students