About The Publisher: Kelly Eakin

Hi MacKid! I'm Kelly and the new publisher for Frederick!  After several years of being an assistant on different sites, I've made the jump to publisher!  I'm originally from Pennsylvania, but have been a DMV transplant for over 15 years. I live in the Frederick area with my husand, twin boys and little girl.  I was previously a teacher and now use those skills at  homeschooling my crew.

I am excited to connect families with area events, resources, and businesses.  Your previous publisher, Amy did an excellent job at hosting family friendly activities throughout the year and my goal is to continue those. Each week, through the newsletter you'll have access to events, activities, parenting tips, recipes, crafts and more.

One of our family's tag line is, "making memories" and I'm excited to share those experiences with you all so your family can make memories too!

If you have any comments, feedback, questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to email me anytime at KellyEakin@macaronikid.com.