LuLaRoe on the Mountainside - Donna & Kirsten Thomas

We are a mother/daughter team of LuLaRoe Retailers located in Frederick, MD. We carry 6000+ pieces of inventory! We love helping women feel beautiful!  
We started our business November 6, 2016. We have hit the ground running and never looked back. We have a lot of energy, social media and business experience, as well as entrepreneurship success.
Your experience shopping with us will be like none other. We “visit” with you wherever you are. We value each of our customers and see you as a part of our family. We take our job seriously and do offer styling and fashion advice of what styles look best on you. We will accommodate private shipping appointments and styling sessions. In our Facebook online shopping community we also hold “hosted” live parties and do private parties via our mobile boutique.
We do Live videos, Speed Videos, Wall Drops, Vendor events, fundraising and parties (on our bus or in our home). We do in-home boutique OPEN HOURS and accommodate local pick-up needs at our home or at Vendor events (not using the bus). We have not listed all the methods here – these are just examples.
We also do lots of giveaways. Some are advertised in the group and some on our business page. Some are not advertised. Some are outrageously unbelievable!
We look forward to serving you!!! 😊

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