Scentsy- Jessica Collert-Miltenberger

Scentsy uses low-wattage and element warmers that gently warm wax to just above body temperature. The wax is food-grade, paraffin and will not burn in liquid form. There is a huge variety of corded and plug-in warmers to choose from that will fit any style.

Last year, Scentsy released the newest fragrance system, the Scentsy Go!  This cordless system runs on a rechargeable battery that only needs a mini USB to recharge. Instead of wax, the system uses Scentsy pods to release fragrance. You can literally take it with you wherever you go; in the car, office, in the RV or on vacation!

In addition to these fragrance solutions, Scentsy also offers travel and on-the-go accessories such as room sprays (perfect for the bathroom), scent packs (great for closets, drawers and trunks), travel tins (fit right in a suitcase pocket), car bars (to hang on your rear view mirror) and scent circles (can also be used in the car or hang in a closet/trash can).

For all the essential oils folks out there, the Scentsy diffuser systems are amazing. There are 10 different diffuser shades to choose from, each with varying mist options and an LED light-changing display. Along with the diffusers, Essential and 100% Natural oils are offered in a variety of fragrances, at an affordable cost.

Last but not least, Scentsy offers our favorite fragrances in cleaning, laundry and body lines. To view all the products that Scentsy has to offer, please visit my website For local orders, please contact me directly at or 301-748-8412, and I can deliver to your door. I look forward to sharing safe fragrance solutions with you and your family!

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