New Pregnancy & Postpartum Physical Therapy with Rehab 2 Perform

October 27, 2022

Think you should stop working out when you are pregnant? Think again!

Think all postpartum rehab is the same? Think again!

Think you’ll never get back to running or lifting after having a baby? Think again!

Rehab 2 Perform is pleased to introduce our new Pregnancy and Postpartum Physical Therapy Services!  Our expert team will help you navigate the challenges of a changing body and the choices surrounding physical activity and fitness during the pregnancy and postpartum period.

With a progressive and comprehensive approach, our team will assist you in making informed decisions that take into consideration your individual needs and situation as you continue, and return to, physical activity and fitness.

Through instruction and proper education our staff will provide expecting moms exercise programs that are appropriate for all trimesters, guidance and strategies to prepare for delivery, and the empowerment to stay active and healthy during pregnancy!

When you are ready, our dedicated staff will create a customized plan to promote healing, optimize movement, improve strength, help restore your core & pelvic floor, and address pain in the postpartum phase.

This personalized care will feature the education, treatment and exercise program that aligns with your needs, goals, and has you ready 2 perform as you embark into this new journey of motherhood!

Moms, and soon to be moms, learn more and get started by clicking here.