VTech Level up Gaming Chair™ Is Perfect for Little Gamers

The learning-packed gaming chair for preschoolers is now available on Amazon.

By Amy Ghiglieri, Publisher, Macaroni Kid Frederick August 30, 2022

My three-year-old niece stays at my house at least two full days a week. During those days she makes it her mission to keep up with her older cousins, my children. She’s not backing down until she gets to be part of the group. From wanting to chew gum to climbing trees to playing their video games, she wants to be part of the ‘big’ kid group. 

While the big kids generally have a lot of patience with her and try to include her in their activities, there’s always a throwdown when it comes to video games. The big kids care about winning, my niece has no concept of the game, but insists on sitting in their gaming chairs, holding a controller, you get the drift. It used to be a screaming, meltdown to get her away from wrecking their gaming time. Until the VTech Level Up Gaming Chair™ arrived at my front door last week.

The author received a VTech Level Up Gaming Chair™ and compensation for this article. All thoughts and opinions expressed are their own.

Knowing that kids learn best through interactive technology, VTech developed the gaming chair to give little gamers their very own preschool game station packed full of all the things little minds need to develop and learn.

There’s so much to love about the VTech Level Up Gaming Chair™.

  1. Fit in with the ‘big’ kids.
    The gaming center features a swivel chair, joystick, interactive gaming tablet and pretend headphones, without the worry of Wi-Fi access.
  1. Designed to engage young minds.
    With awesome gaming sound effects built in, the interactive tablet teaches everything from letters to numbers to animals to music with gaming sound effects. My niece loves joining in on the big kid gaming time. I love knowing that she is excited and working on concepts that are crucial for preschoolers. 

  1. Grows with your child.
    The Level Up Gaming Chair™ is designed for ages 1.5-4 years, so your child will advance through learning activities. From letters and phonics to words, there’s a level for everyone. Looking for sensory experiences? The tablet has different volume levels, a light up LED, and ten melodies built-in.
  1. Doesn’t take up a ton of space and has multiple uses.
    Kids toys often take up a lot of space. We all know that right? Thankfully, the Level Up Gaming Chair™ is compact and serves a variety of uses. Simply remove the portable tablet from the tray to allow space for snacks, drawing, or story time.
  1. Easy to purchase
    The VTech Level Up Gaming Chair™ is available on Amazon now. I suggest adding it to your child’s wish list now for when grandparents start to shop.

Who do I recommend the VTech Level Up Gaming Chair™ to? Everyone with kids between the ages of 1.5–4 years! There is something for all abilities in this chair. There’s nothing better than seeing my niece engaged, giggling, and shouting out the right answers. She thinks she’s blending in with the big kids, which makes her happy. I know she’s engaging with quality content, which makes me feel great about how she spends her ‘gaming’ time. 

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