Be on the Lookout! Jingle Bags are Coming to Frederick Neighborhoods!

By Holly Christy, Publisher November 25, 2020

If your neighborhood participated in "Boo Baskets" around Halloween, then you already know how fun this is! We're putting a Christmas twist on this idea and putting Jingle Bags out in neighborhoods across the WHOLE community! The bag you receive will be filled with holiday goodies and we hope you'll refill it for another family and pass on the fun.

The idea is you fill a bag with festive treats and leave it on the doorstep of a family in your neighborhood. Nobody knows who "jingled" who, but each bag includes two notes - one explaining that you should pay it forward and leave a treat for someone else, and the other note is to post in your front window to show that you've already been "jingled." Kids get a huge thrill from finding a mystery package full of festive fun, and they love putting together another treat bag to leave ding-dong-ditch style for a neighbor.

Pretty soon you'll start seeing our Macaroni Kid Jingle Bags showing up in your neighborhood, and we hope you'll pass along the fun and help us spread this wave of Christmas cheer across our whole community!

Once again, huge thanks to the big team of sponsors who've made this possible!