Gymnastics Camp @ 24/7 Dance

March 18, 2019

24/7 Dance Studio
482 Prospect Blvd, Frederick, MD 21701

Ages 6-12 Boys and Girls will focus on the basic tumbling skills. Forward rolls, backward rolls, hand stands, headstands, round offs, cartwheels and walkovers are just the beginning of the skills they will learn in our ½ day camp.

They will learn basic skills and jumps on the trampoline to help develop leg strength and air and body awareness as well as working on their balance, coordination, flexibility & core strength with daily conditioning drills.

During our camp students will not only be practicing their gymnastics skills but they will be doing a daily craft and other fun and challenging activities.  All participants should bring 1-2 snacks and water for breaks. There will be a showcase of skills on Friday for you to enjoy, so have your camera ready!  

'My Granddaughter takes gymnastics at 24/7. She loves it. The staff is always kind and courteous. I also know a few kids that take dance classes and they love it as well. the shows they put on are AMAZING!' -Carrie Wiles