Review: Margot Bevington's New Album “I am 4, 5, 6”

By Nichole Dowlearn February 8, 2018

On an iced-over and freezing winter’s day, I was asked to review the new album “I am 4, 5, 6” by Margot Bevington, and it was the summer sunshine I needed. I could actually hear the birds singing and the playground equipment squeaking in the song called “Swinging,” and it thawed me. 

I started listening to it while making the bed upstairs, and my little one actually sought me out, hugged me, and started walking in circles to the music. I’m going to interpret that as his endorsement of the song as well. Margot, an award winning music educator, really knows how to reach little kids with her voice.

In fact, we both really enjoyed the whole album. Her voice is gentle and high-pitched in a way that seems to naturally work for kids, while not being so shrill that I wanted to pound nails into my ears (a feeling some children’s music can so often invoke).
  Her vocals were perky without being over-the-top. 

The music itself has an artsy folk vibe that is very mellow, with a hint of nostalgia in its own light-hearted and melodic way. She and Grammy award winner Luke Rohwer partner to provide the dulcet tones of piano sprinkled with playful sounds like xylophones and trains (and a dash of fairy-dust feeling, rock and roll reverb here and there). 

The music really gets you moving both physically and emotionally.
  My toddler and I kicked a ball back and forth to the song “Heart, Pencils and Crayons,” which made me tear up. It, like many of the songs, works as a catchy tune for kids, but also has some (complex-in-its-simplicity) themes for adults.  This particular song describes a child capturing on paper thoughts and feelings from inside, and the beauty of that act. While at the same time, the receiver in the song knows that the artwork will eventually become a keepsake when the child is grown. This one was a favorite of mine, and it will be available as a pre-release track via CDBaby on February 14.

The title track “I am 4, 5, 6” also has the same wistful feel. She sings the line “I am 4, 5, 6 going on a billion…” Isn’t that so very true?
  I looked down at my toddler swinging his head back and forth thinking about how much he’s already grown in just two short years. He wants to do everything, and do it himself, and that won’t change anytime soon. Still, the words “going on a billion” really capture that child-like exaggeration and optimism that I wish I could hold onto it forever. 

The release date is February 28, so you can soon be popping in her song “Storytime” on the way to the next library story time, or anytime for that matter. The whole album is a fun way to connect with your kiddo and remind yourself that these times are short lived and worth embracing. Whether you’re stuck inside on a chilly day or off doing your usual busy routine, listening to the album “I am 4, 5, 6” is a good reminder to lean into that quick hug just a little bit longer.

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