Strike! 3 Reasons To Take Your Kids Bowling

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By Macaroni KID September 23, 2022

My kids love bowling. They're terrible at it, but that certainly doesn't stop them. I'm terrible at it too, to be honest. But I never mind taking them to the bowling alley. It's a great (and inexpensive!) way to spend an afternoon as a family that we all enjoy. Plus it's a sport that's easy enough that they've been able to do it since they were toddlers (thanks to whomever the brilliant person was who invented bumpers!) while also offering them some great educational opportunities and life lessons. Here are three reasons to take your younger kids bowling this week.

Bowling requires hand-eye coordination and depth perception. Building those skills can make a difference in academic performance. A 2018 research study, published in Psychological Science, showed young children with better eye-to-hand coordination scored higher on basic academic skills when compared to their peers. Bowling is also all about numbers — the number of pins, the score, and even judging angles. It's all learning!

2. It's a social sport

Bowling — at least how my family does it — is as much about the social interactions as it is about the game. That means cheering each other on, waiting patiently for our turns, engaging in a little friendly competition, and not being sore losers. These are all great life lessons for our Littles to learn. 

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3. It builds self-confidence

The bumpers might be up, but that doesn't make your kids feel any less accomplished when they knock down the pins! This low-pressure game is the perfect place for kids to build confidence while having fun. Every time it's their turn, they basically get to start over and try again — it just takes one spare or strike to make a kid's whole day!